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Zoe is a biblical word, Greek in origin and means life, vitality. Our mission for ZoeLife is; pursuing vitality through a full, active and purposeful life. ZoeLife is our culture, a broad-based lifestyle that is altering what it means to age well. It is unique in a sea of health and wellness initiatives that minimally represent all areas of life. ZoeLife is much more, it focuses on the six pillars of true wellness - spiritual, emotional, physical, social, intellectual and vocational health.

Wellbeing is not simply the absence of illness or chronic desease, it's fundamentally a positive state of being where we consider all domains of human life.

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Glencroft Ad Age Fast Age Slow It's Up To You
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"I have a lot of health problems. I have asthma, diabetes and COPD to name just a few. When I signed up for the ZoeLife program I was having a very hard time walking. I would have to sit down and rest. My feet and legs were numb from just below my knees down to my feet. NOW, I am walking without my cane and walker. My legs are stronger and I don’t wobble when I walk. I feel better than I have felt in many years. GOD BLESS THE ZOELIFE PROGRAM"

Hazel Powell

“Our coach Steve Heller, is encouraging and interested in what a person is doing during their session. He checks on us to see where we are at with our work-out. He is positive, a great sense of humor.”

Jerry Chaison

“Not only is it good for you, it is fun and a social experience!”

Wanda Spain

“I applaud Glencroft for introducing and promoting the ZoeLife program. It has enriched my life.”

Barbara Fogel

“So happy I took part in the Phase 2 beta testing. My flexibility and core strength has never been better!!!”

Barbara Lathrop